With the amount of work in flow and the advancements in technology, the industries presently look for gadgets that can do multiple works with fewer footprints and more accuracy. Companies like Berthold come up with various products and are competitive in the market. Density measurement systems are the most commonly used systems for any continuous process controls in vessels and pipelines.

Along with density, there are various other parameters like concentration and solid content, which are measured in a non-contacting manner, without interrupting the flow process on a large scale. The applications of sensors can be seen in many industries and to be particular, the industries which face extreme measurement conditions like very high temperature or pressure, corrosions, dust, etc. The measurements with these detectors can be performed upon the liquids, emulsions, suspensions, etc.

The Principle of Measurement:

The detectors use gamma radiation is attenuated while passing through the pipeline. And that attenuation is measured by a detector. The amount of attenuation in the radiation is a direct measure of the density of the medium. The higher the density of the medium, the lower is the amount of radiation reaching the detector. Thus, the density, concentration of particles can be determined in a robust and reliable way in a non-contacting manner without troubling the flow properties.


CrystalSens detectors are easy to install. As mentioned, there is absolutely no contact with the sample to be measured. Easy to maintain and is free of wear and tear. Continuous and subsequent installation can be done in systems without inhibiting the routine flow processes. Highly safety in operation and these detectors are highly available. They contain very high quality of the scintillation sodium iodide crystal. They can work in a space which has very low source activities. The CrystalSens is designed in a compact way leaving a very low footprint that these detectors do not have the limitation of lesser workspaces. They are designed with a patented method that they have a longer term of stability of almost 0.002% per °C.

Measurement configuration:

CrystalSens detectors come with a flexible adjustment to measure the geometry and task. These detectors can give 90-degree irradiation for standard pipelines and longer distances, or a lower acute angle of oblique radiation to have the highest ever accuracy for shorter range measurements can also be constructed and configured. The Sens Series, with LB480 system is custom designed to suit challenging applications. This is one of the first radiometric measuring systems found in the market certified by SIL2 and SIL3 features.


These tiny and compact crystalsens scintillation detectors have a high degree of sensitivity and stability regardless of its size. The crystalsens detectors are available in various sources of scintillating materials and scintillator sizes. Such a diverse configuration allows the users to opt for optimal adjustment of the detector’s properties to measure the properties of the flow materials. In terms of various characters like operational safety, footprint, sensitivity, accuracy, and other important properties, the CrystalSENS are by far the best available detector systems in the market.

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