Local SEO 2019: What To Do To Outrank Your Competition

As 2018 is coming to an end, the world of internet marketing is about to change once more. A new year brings with it many new trends and as everyone with any experience in local seo internet marketing knows, keeping up with these trends is the best way to ensure you stay ahead of the local competition. Although your business has worked hard to get to your current search engine ranking, there is still a lot to do.

Here are some online marketing tips worth following and using before 2018 officially ends to give your website a leg up on 2019:

Get Listed On All Local Directories

Your business should take the time to get listed on every possible local directory in your area. The easier it is for potential customers to find your business address, contact details, operating hours, and other important information, the better you will rank on search engines. Getting listed on all of the local directories will boost the visibility of your local business and will expand your current target market significantly.

Update All Contact Information

Take a closer look at the information provided about your business after a Google search. If the contact information is inconsistent, change it across all of the directories. Publishing inconsistent contact details and failing to change it will affect your local SEO ranking and branding. Aside from keeping all of the contact information updated, also make sure that your brand’s logo is also updated to avoid confusion.

Confusion only undermines all of your marketing efforts and makes it harder to build a well-recognized local brand.

Optimize Content And Website For Local SEO

Local SEO internet marketing 101: local keywords matter. Make it a point to include local keywords into all of your future published content and the pages of your website. This will help your website rank higher in search engines. Adding location keywords will make it easier for the local market to find your business.

Additional tip: using stop words like “in” is acceptable as they make keywords more coherent which makes content creation easier. These stop words do not affect your local SEO ranking, in fact, they can even boost your ranking because the content created is higher in quality.

Invest In A Mobile-Friendly Website

Small local businesses tend to forgo investing in mobile-friendly websites thinking this is unnecessary. This is very wrong as most searches are now done on mobile devices. If the official website of your business does not adapt to mobile use or takes too long to load, most visitors will click away and will most likely go to your competitor’s website instead.

Create And Publish High-Quality Content

Publishing fresh, creative, and high-quality content isn’t a marketing strategy reserved solely for big businesses. Small businesses trying to get ahead of the local competition can also benefit from publishing high-quality content that will appeal to a bigger and wider audience. A blog post might not seem like a big deal, but with the right content and tone, these posts can drive up online visibility, credibility, and sales.

A new year means a new battle for businesses online. If you want to dominate, tap the services of Tessa, the best in local seo internet marketing today!

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